Sfera - Engeneering Solutions is an Italian engineering company. It was born in 2013 to support companies to manage administrative requirements  and  management of production activities. Sfera's expert engineers and technicians empower Sfera so that it's able to provide integrated services in consultancy, planning and training. 


With the emergence of Sfera on the Italian market, the company needed to digitalize most of their processes. The main focus was on human resources, followed by the digitalization of their core activities (certifications and projects), their clients and leads, in addition to the processes linked to Sales and Purchasing.



In order to meet all of the requirements, Monk Software made available MARK Suite and released a first version of the software in a few weeks.

  1. MARK's modules implemented for Sfera included: activity management, CRM, Sales, Purchases and, of course, HR. Each of them had a series of sub-features and sub-processes. The HR module articulates in the functions of presence management, time off, timesheets, paychecks, contracts and additional submodules for recruiting and skills development.

    Each module was set with the needed permissions, so to ensure privacy and sensitive data protection. The software is also accessible from mobile.

Nome e Cognome


Thanks to MARK and to the good work Monk Software did, not only did we impressively reduced administrative costs, we also incremented the effectiveness of the production cycle by about 15%!